My name is Erika Almonte and this is my story #Undocumented

BeFunky Collage 2

When I was 3 years old I was brought to the United States, North Carolina to be exact. When I started preschool I didn’t know one ounce of English. I was an outcast, but at the age I just felt lost. Learning English for me wasn’t hard at all since I was only three, but I also had a great teacher.

My family and I moved to a different house and across the street lived a lady who became not only my baby sitter, she also became my English teacher. Our language barrier, religious belief, and skin color didn’t matter to her. All she wanted to do was help me and my family. Before I knew it I had mastered the English language.

As I mentioned I started preschool here and graduated from Middle College High School in 2014. My senior year I decided to go to Durham Technical Community College in pursuit for a Medical Spanish Facilitator Certificate. Ever since I was young I saw first-hand how important it was for Doctors and Spanish speaking patients to understand one another. I am currently working toward getting nationally certified as a Medical Interpreter.

I recently got hired at Duke and I am very excited to be working there. I would have never gotten hired from Duke If didn’t have DACA. DACA has opened many doors for me. There is so many opportunities for me to grow professionally at Duke. My goals it to be a Medical Interpreter at Duke Hospital.

North Carolina is where I want to continue my education and start my career. North Carolina is all I know. North Carolina is home.

-Erika Almonte


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