My name is Johanna Isabel and I am #unstoppable

Johanna Isabel

Hi, my name is Johanna Isabel, I have been in the US for the past 19 years. I was brought here at the age of two from Mexico, I remember nothing. My parents brought me here to obtain a better education and have better opportunities since they were not able to obtain that in Mexico. They only reached an education up until they were 10 or 11 years. Through DACA I was given the opportunity to work legally, go to school (paying the out of state tuition, but thanks to many local programs in my community I was given the opportunity to pay the in-state tuition).  I am here because a year ago I went through the toughest time in my life. My father was deported, I am providing for my family financially by working 50 hour weeks as a property manager, part time as a waitress, and still put myself through school. I am in my first year of the nursing program at Durham Technical CC, to become a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. I am a first-generation college student in my family, one of the first to have graduated from High School and pursue higher education. Through all of this, I am providing for my mother, nine-year old sister, and 17-year old brother a better life and maintaining a roof over their head. With work, and school I do not have a “time-out” to slow down and enjoy being a 21-year old, due to the needs my family has. I do not know my hometown, I do not know the street of where I live in Mexico. All I know is the city and state because of my birth certificate.  I am an American and without legal status not only am I in jeopardy, but so is the future of my siblings who are US citizens.

-Johanna Isable


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